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LED Display Trailer Rental
High Def + Hassle Free

If you need to rent a big screen for your next event, get in touch. We’ll bring our LED display trailer straight to your venue. Transport, setup, breakdown – we’ve got you covered, start to finish.

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Adjustable height, optional speakers, state-of-the-art display – explore screen details now.
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15' x 8'

Perfect for tailgates, graduations, and small parties.
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23' x 13'

Great for large events, concerts, and festivals.
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Based in the Carolinas, serving the nation.
For one flat fee, we'll transport our high-definition LED video screen to your next event (don't worry, gas is on us).
We handle everything.
Setup, breakdown and maintenance before, during and after the event are included in our rate.

Why Rent?

Professional Conferences

Digital signage on our LED screen can assist conference attendees with wayfinding through your venue.

Galas & Formal Evenings

Need a sponsorship wall to thank the folks that made your big event possible? Look no further.

Graduation Ceremonies

Livestream commencement for families in the back of the arena, who don't have the best view from where they're sitting.

Outdoor Movie Screenings

Showing a late-night movie at the park? Nix the projector. An LED screen keeps things simple and worry free.

Outdoor Tailgating Events

Is it college football season yet? Livestream the game for guests at your next office tailgating party.

Outdoor Concerts or Festivals

Make sure all the music lovers present have a clear view of the stage – even if they're stuck in the way back.

Religious Services or Gatherings

Expecting a crowd on Palm Sunday? Pipe in a live feed of the sermon for everyone sitting in the overflow room.

Fundraisers or Nonprofit Events

Want to share donor portraits, or list out available giving levels? Whatever your display needs are, we're here to help.

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Share details about your upcoming event so we can kickstart the rental process. Prefer to talk by phone? Call 864-303-3611 Monday through Friday between the hours of 9AM and 5PM to speak with a member of our team.
Planning an event? let's talk.
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